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Benefits of Videos for businesses

Benefits of Videos for businesses 150 150 Janvi

Benefits of videos for your business.

With everyone online all the time, video became more crucial than ever for marketing and communication. With increasing competition, it’s getting more and more necessary for businesses to attract audience back to their website. If you want your website to stand out, videos are one of the best alternative to interact, engage and educate your clients.

Why should you make videos for your clients?

Well, for starters making a marketing Corporate Video, or just any video-for that matter, isn’t a piece of cake. It requires resources in the form of time and money both. The fact that you are willing to invest on videos creates a sense of trust and validity to your business. The clients will be quick to recognize this and hence have a confidence to approach you for a business transaction without keeping their guards high up.

Videos are also an excellent medium to convey your message in an interesting manner. Many video production companies in Mumbai have built their niche in understanding complex businesses and translating the marketing message to the relevant target audience in laymen’s terms. For eg, a video production company in Mumbai such as PixelCarving, we’ve had some businesses that are heavy on AI technology which is difficult to market and sell. But with the help of videos, corporate film makers can explain difficult concepts easily with the help visuals.

Don’t trust us? Recent Marketing Survey by a leading company Biteable researched and incurred that 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery. (Biteable, n.d.)

Apart from that, 71% of people watch more videos than they did a year ago. (Hubspot)

And 83% of marketers would increase their reliance on video as a strategy if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. (Buffer)

In a world of “me too” companies, any video production company understands that they have to create videos which will differentiate your company from all the competition.

An important responsibility for any video production agency is to create videos that not only educates and markets the products/services but also create a platform for engagement with the clients. Being interactive with clients is crucial because it builds trust and gives recurring business.

Many video production companies offers this unique advantage of video content to companies which are preferred over other forms of content because it does not just tell visitors about your company, product, or service – it SHOWS them.

Hence, the audience will be drawn to the message more than just written or static content. Corporate film makers in Mumbai have managed to create videos that has changed the buying behavior of the audience by appealing to their visual senses.

Research shows that 86% of marketers said corporate videos has helped them increase traffic to their website. 84% marketers said that it helped them generate leads. And 83% of marketers said that corporate video has increased dwell time on their website.

Which is why corporate video production companies has been sought after by huge entities to make films to market their business.

Last but not the least, every corporate video production company in Mumbai or anywhere around the globe understands that the main aim of any business is to be remembered. Videos stay in the minds of people for a long time. Because getting someone to visit your website once is a good thing, getting them to come back over and over again is the ultimate goal.

Corporate film making process

Corporate film making process 150 150 Janvi

The first and most crucial step. Planning!

We chose corporate films as our niche as we see a lot of potential. But the current market mostly offers a very traditional template based version of corporate films. We want to cross the line and make something that is unique and most times not accepted. Why? because that gives the brand, the company a sort of insecurity about the reach and potential for video. That’s very obvious as the corporate films would be featured on the website, social media and even in B2B meetings. Rest assured, we know that we are on the right path. Not because we think it’s right but because it is backed by data and user session data from our video analytics on Vimeo or Wistia.

After we initiate the planning of the video we prepare a draft script. We go through the company profile, understand the company’s communication, Its target audience. What does the target audience of the company like, what are their preferences. Yes! We do that!

Scripting / Storyboarding

The Scripting and storyboarding when it comes to corporate film making is quite different from ad films or feature films. Here we give more details on statistics and communication. We want the message to be loud and clear. At the same time, the same has to be balanced with creating visually appealing graphics and visuals. We script the video by going through technicalities of the company, its CSR, the other activities and about the facts on what makes it different from others.

Video Production

This is the magical place where all our ideas and creatives come into play. When it comes to corporate film we do not stage the environment too much. It has to be a clear transparent business. When we make such corporate films for businesses so that the viewers get to know what exactly the company is into, what exactly they have. This is not accepted by many, but we know there is a great difference when it comes to the B-Roll, A-Roll for corporate videos. At the same time corporate videos are highly sophisticated and classy. The visual outcome representing any company, brand or corporate defies what the company can offer and its brand value. Hence, we take this part of production extremely seriously.

Post-production / Editing

For many corporations this is the only requirement they have. Like explainer video, animated video, infographics. But also game changing for full-scale video production corporate video. The visuals here become more appealing, more statistical. Being corporate film makers in Mumbai we edit in a way that matches the industry level at the same time makes the content stand out.

Video editing at Pixelcarving office.

That was good insight!
If you too are interested to level up your corporate video. Caution! it could be something unique, un-traditional.

Pixelcarving’s office

Types of Marketing Video

Types of Marketing Video 150 150 Tarushikha

Which video marketing approach or video production service will be required for my Company / Brand?

This is the most often question we are asked whenever a client approaches us. Most of the clients do not even reach out to production houses since they themselves are confused in propagating for the video approach they need. There is absolutely no second question or doubt that this is the most critical step. The marketing approach you use heavily depends upon your target audience. It depends upon their age factor, their interests, their social group, their liking and disliking.

Seems tedious? Isn’t it?

A new corporate or company planning for a video production or marketing video will definitely be having unclear path for their marketing video and that’s very obvious unlike the big companies and corporates that have been into marketing for a while have a clear understanding on their target audiences as well as their video marketing approach. To cater to this problem most modern production houses have a specialised team in market research in pre-production department. Like in Pixelcarving we have specialised team that asks for the insight of your company’s target market, the existing customers and your marketing channel. Bases upon that we prepare a SWOT and present different types of marketing approach to your company or brand. The decision maker will be you, but we will be providing with all sort of informations like pro’s and con’s for any approach. Now, we provide this service for free like other agencies this cost is under our pre-production. So we not only plan for the video we provide a proper research statistics as well.
Have a look to a sample we provided a conglomerate few weeks ago.

Why we do this?

This gives a clear way to they buyer what he is opting into. We like keeping the transparency on what we will offer how we will offer. Most of the time we make the client understand how traditional approach for video marketing is getting obsolete. How? We have a research on that too! We frequently do A/B testing upon which video is more engaging and have higher user retention through out the video. We recently posted a video explaining the stats. We collected the data from clients and through our analytics on how video appeals to their TA.

Types of video.

Depending upon the TA there are many types of video approaches. Some of the top are

Corporate videos
Explaining the company background with the services they provide, the current clients and testimonials. Corporate videos are highly efficient when it comes to cold-customers. The customers who knows your presence but does not trust or have high authority on you. The corporate film gives the cold-customer the trust and assurance. This changes the buying behaviour.
Animated videos

Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy 150 150 Tarushikha

Video as a Marketing tool?

It’s no secrete sauce that video is a great marketing tool for a marketer. How?
General public and amateur marketer will always focus on CPC, CPM. Basically lead generation. Internet is now used heavily for online marketing as lead generation. There is no doubt that such lead generation helps companies gain some leads. But the bigger picture is often missed by many companies, startups, new brand managers is to induce a trust amongst the target audience.
Social media/ online platform is like a party gathering place, it is a great place where many people come and have a common space. As marketer, you can go straight and talk about the product, specifications and all. But let’s be real, will there be more conversion? People will see you as an aggressive seller, they will not see you as a problem to solution. They want their problem to solved and not just spend their money in buying some product or service. Yes since you’re doing it blindly many times there will be some conversions.

Now let’s change the way how we approach to the audience. Instead of saying what you do, how do straight. You address the problem, show the possible solutions and then introduce yourself and give relevance on how you can help them. This is what a video marketing is all about. A normal user on internet go through a lot of content and its all clutter, for them picking service A or B doesn’t make Apple to Oranges. Its Apple to Apple! For you to stand out, videos are used. The sole reason for videos are they create an immense amount of trust for any first time user. You are not showing some good texts or speeches about your product. You are showing right in front of them! The user can experience it remotely. The big companies and conglomerate are already aware with this fact, thats why we often see their creative marketing videos time on time.

Videos induce Branding.

Videos do talk about your product thats advertising. But it also creates a sense of branding in people. It conveys the message to its general audience. For people it’s not a product they are seeing, it’s a brand, an emotion they are bonding with the product.

Video Marketing Statistics

As said earlier, videos are not something that is like CPC, CPM. People will not take immediate decisions from a video. It’s a sense of awareness that has created into them. The next time they want to fulfil their needs, it will be your company/brand name that will come into their mind. That’s successful campaign and branding.
People fail to understand the ROI from videos, which are long term and has a much better shelf life. They are more focused on immediate results. This just keeps on selling their product/service but does not does not create a brand/company image in them. The next time they want their needs? It will be the next advertiser they will select and not your company.

Which Marketing Video should I be using?

It’s often a confusion for a new marker or a new Company / Brand when entering the video marketing field. The topic is vast and needs to explained properly and hence we have a new blog to explain

Benefits of Corporate Films

Benefits of Corporate Films 150 150 Tarushikha

Why do Companies and MNC’s need a corporate film makers?

Video are 85% traffic in 2021

There is no second question on that people on the internet love watching videos. Video drastically increases your user interaction time on website and decreases the Bounce-rate.
People watch it as a source of entertainment and in return it educates the user and makes brand awareness.
When compared with simple text or plain image a Video is far more engaging than any other medium!
Being corporate film makers we Aim to make the corporate video Entertaining and informative at the same time. It’s a huge Win-Win!

~67% Businesses use use corporate video as marketing tool internationally.

Even though it a good percentage of market using video as marketing tool. Companies in India still lacks this approach and depend upon the traditional medium for marketing. A statistics shows after 2017, many companies have shifted the marketing funnel from traditional medium to more digital medium.
A large number of foreign companies still rely on video marketing since they’ve understood over a period of time that video marketing is the highest ROI driven marketing strategy.

Corporate videos are great Marketing Funnels!

Corporate videos are proven to be great marketing funnel as it attracts the user to view and interact with the content. It makes the company or a brand look fresh as they can visually see the company workings.
An introductory corporate film exponentially increases the interaction rate and decreases the bounce-rate. It’s all about first impression, marketers know it. Hence a marketing agency always recommend a great video at the introduction of the website.

Flux in website interaction on a website after intro corporate video

Corporate film makers in Mumbai with PAN India coverage
Now its time for your company, brand to upscale the marketing presence and lead from competitors. We will plan out everything for you. From scripting, planning, story-boarding to production and post-production. We are highly experiences corporate film makers with 4 years in Industry. Know more about corporate film making at

Statistics that shows how a video can affect you business and marketing.

The Video production company

The Video production company 150 150 Tarushikha

What does a Video production company do?
video production business is one of the branch of Marketing. Since videos are highly consumed content on the internet it’s been in more demand ever since. Any production company essentially simplifies the three step production process that is pre-production, production and post production or in easy term it is video planning, video shooting, video editing and delivering. Videos are so much in high demand that many reports claimed by 2021 approximately 85-91% content consumption will be through videos!

Why Do you need video production service?

A great marketing video, corporate video is highly engaging and encourages any new visitor to have an overlook. A great video of any organisation increases the trust to its audience and also makes it look fresh and vibrant. Having videos on your website, social media pages gives the opportunity to your audience to learn more about your organisation in an interesting fashion. And yes, this is absolutely correct. A video on your website increases your SEO ranking massively. Our video production company in Mumbai provides video production services all over India to upscale your marketing presence.

*Types of Videos

Types of videos we provide?

We provide full-scale video production services for all sort of videos for Brands, Corporates and organisations. This means we provide TVC AdFilms, Corporate videos for B2C purposes or internal corporate/infographics video for B2B reasons. The increase in Social media presence has lead to surge in branding videos from micro, small to enterprise organisations. Depending upon the services/products provided by an organisation we plan the approach they could give for their videos to their Target Audiences. The best part about our agency is, depending upon the costing we can prepare a team, plan it and execute it.

The video production Process

Simply put, it’s a three stage process.

  • Pre production – Planning, Scripting, Storyboarding.
    Starting with the brief from discussing with the client, then accordingly we prepare a storyboard and script depending upon the Target Audience, Medium, Purpose
  • Production stage – The stage of Lights. Camera and Action!
    Here we commence the production with the professional team of film makers.
  • Post-production – The final packaging stage.
    Here we tailor the video by editing, adding voice overs, music, sound and any animations or vfx. This is the final stage where the magic of editing happens.
  • Know more about Video production process here Video production process

Why Pixelcarving?

We started as providing video production services as freelancers in early days back in 2015. Creating videos is not our job, it is our passion. This passion drives us to deliver our client their highest satisfaction. Since 2017, we have been providing full-scale video production services in Mumbai for various corporate organisation as well as brands. In terms of costing we provide the services as per the client budget. Depending upon that we curate a team and its production process. We use cinema cameras, great production setup and have industry leading softwares with experienced team, Yes, that’s a win win!
Some of our recent extremely satisfied clients are Godrej appliances, Mumbai. Indigo Airlines, Gurugram. Imaginarium, Mumbai. Cello pens, Mumbai. And many more! see our recent work at
If you are also looking to upscale your marketing presence or your brand presence feel free to contact us and discuss! You can reach us on email at [email protected] Our registered office address is unit no.213, Anjani Complex, Andheri Kurla road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400099

Video Production Process

Video Production Process 150 150 Tarushikha

The Three Step video production process

Video production process can essentially be divided into three main categories. Each Category plays an extremely important role in the production process. The three steps are as follows: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

01. Pre-Production

Pre production process is the most important step in any video production company. It is the starting point of the idea. Here we do brainstorming and plan creative ideas.
You must be thinking how do we begin?
It is as simple as asking out the client or customer. We ask them what their target Audience is, to whom they want to cater? Instead of focusing on our client we focus more on the client’s audience. This gives us the starting point to create the creative brief.
A creative brief is essentially a very short information about the video. Basically it is the ‘Theme of video’ or ‘The flow of video’.
This needs our client’s attention as this is the first step and the leading step towards the storyboarding. After we subdivide the creative brief, we take it forward to Storyboarding. Here some talented content writers and storyboard writers come into place who extend the creative brief in a concise manner but making the message clear and vivid. Summing up the pre-production stage it is
Content writing
Creative brief


02. The Production Stage

Oh Yes, the Lights! Camera! And Action! takes place here. This is the heart of film making and video production. At Pixelcarving we use this process in a quite different approach. More modern, less traditional. We use Cinema Cameras, studio lights and a set of crew to see to it. But not in a costly manner. Even with such a setup we create stunning visuals without that high budget! The new technology has given everyone a tremendous opportunity and platform with cinema level technology at lower cost. This is the place where many people come into play. There are various divisions in the production stage. So many that it will take another blog to explain its expansion. But Basically there are some key groups involved in the video production stage they are DOP/DP/Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Focus Puller, Steady cam, Makeup artist, Sound engineers, Production design, Director, Lighting and many more! It’s a highly organised setup.
The video production stage has to be monitored consistently as per the script and storyboard.The video production stage has to be monitored consistently as per the script and storyboard.


03. Post-production

The Final stage of video production stage. Also a magical stage. This is a final stage where everything comes into one place and we create a masterpiece from it. Video editing is the post-production stage. People believe this to be most shortest and easiest phase but in reality its quite an opposite. Video editing is also divided into many stages such as offline editing, online editing. But we will not get into that. But some crucial stage in video editing are
Online Video Editing
Here the editor gets all the rushes and files from the production. From here the videos are trimmed, cut, organised and formed into a timeline.
Side by side the DI or colorist color correct the RAW footage. That includes Shadow, Highlights, Mid-tones and adjustment of contrast, White balance and many more. Yes DI is Huge area and takes a lot of experience.
Audio/Voice overs/Music composer
Some corporate video or commercial AdFilms require Voice overs and definitely Music and Sound effect. Here the online editor, edits, adds the music and sound effect on the timeline. We have many professional voice over artists all across the globe. Depending upon the clients target audience we provide Indian, Amercian, British Voice over artists from studios.
You might have seen the graphics or supers coming over the video. That is extremely interactive and eye catchy and used mostly in modern corporate videos and explainer videos. The Graphic overlays are like direction board. It gives the right information over the video informing the viewer what exactly he is watching. Modern video used 3D renders or 2D infographics to showcase their product/information/Diagrams etc.

After compiling all the inputs the final edit is created and ready to get showcased on TV, Social media or website.

If you’re in a search for this full-scale level production company, without getting into the whole process you may want to contact us and we will do it all for you. Yes, we are cost-effective and can work around with all types of budgets. We are video production company based in Mumbai and provide our service all across the globe! Contact us today for more information about us at


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