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Pre-Production Process in Video production

Pre-Production Process in Video production 150 150 Ishita

What steps should be taken prior to filming a video? What goes on behind the scenes before a shoot/video production? 

1 – Foundation

A great deal of meticulous planning and research is involved in the stage that comes before filming. This stage called ‘Pre Production’ is the cornerstone of the filmmaking process wherein we solidify all the details of the project before shooting for its content. 

One of the major details to go over with clients is the reason behind creating the video. It could be anything from hoping to attract new employees to giving a glimpse into how the business is run. 

2 – Scripting

After determining the goal of the video, we are challenged with the task of putting it across in the form of words i.e. writing a script. Scripting is a crucial tool to chalk out a framework for dialogue and action of the video. It may also include any specific cues for the production team. Research is an important part of crafting a successful script. Gathering as many inputs from clients as well as compiling data from their website go a long way in delivering a satisfying video output. 

©Pixelcarving | Scripting process of an corporate film

3 – Storyboarding

A video is an audio-visual piece of content. While scripting entails planning the words to be spoken in the video, storyboarding involves developing a shot-by-shot graphic representation of the video. A well-crafted storyboard serves as a visual guide to assist the clients and crew in navigating the potential final look of the video.

The story doesn’t end with a storyboard. The next step is to bring your vision to life by scouting for suitable locations for filming also known as conducting a reccé. This process helps to assess the feasibility of the shoot location and to identify any potential risks that may arise during the filming process. 

©Pixelcarving | Storyboarding process from Pixelcarving’s project.

4 – Finalizing / Reccé + Storyboarding

The final piece of the puzzle – a document containing timestamps, reccé photos, visuals, content and graphics, is put together by integrating all of the previous elements. The production team uses it as a blueprint to ensure that the video is executed flawlessly.

The process of pre production makes you less likely to waste resources like time and money which can derail an entire project. It provides a predetermined schedule for  the crew to follow in order to ensure an efficient shoot. It also helps avoid spending time filming unnecessary shots. 

While planning everything to the tee before a shoot might seem like a pointless and tiresome chore,  it is actually a key tool to breeze through hectic shoot days.  

©Pixelcarving | Shot planning from a project.

FAQ’s About Video Production

FAQ’s About Video Production 150 150 Ishita
  1. What is a corporate film? 

A corporate film is a video created for businesses to educate their target audience about their brand, values, products and services. It is a dynamic tool for communication as it may be published on websites, social media and can be used in presentations. The company’s credibility is raised through the use of a corporate video. Corporate videos enhance engagement and brand recognition for businesses. Consequently, they ensure a higher chance of conversion and return on investment. 

Pixelcarving corporate video production snippet.
Snippet from Corporate Film of ©MunichRE India | Pixelcarving
  1. What software do most filmmakers use to edit? 

Most filmmakers use Adobe Premiere Pro for offline/online editing. Avid Media Composer can also be used for the same but it is mostly used in collaboration with other editors across the geographical area. Recently, Adobe also introduced Adobe Creative Cloud enabling editors to collaborate with each other through cloud. Adobe suite also offers Adobe After Effects which is used for motion graphics and animation composition. It is one of the most popular motion graphics software in the industry. Many filmmakers prefer using Adobe Audition for audio editing and sound mixing. While Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer can be used for color grading, DaVinci Resolve is specialized in it and thus preferred by many industry specialists. 

Posco Video editing & DI at Pixelcarving
  1. What are tips for making high-quality movies? 

To produce a high-quality video, a great idea that resonates with the target audience is crucial. The idea needs to be converted into a compelling script. Next, a team of experts with the right skill sets to cater to the needs of the project, must be curated. During the filming process, good cinema cameras, excellent-quality lights and equipment must be employed. Lastly, a team of specialized editors is all that is needed to make the video stand out. 

Behind the scenes of shoot setup at manufacturing space
  1. What are tips for corporate video production?

The agency providing video production services must maintain a good level of interaction with their client to better gauge their requirements. Additionally, the agency should actively listen to the client’s feedback and incorporate it into the video production  process to ensure that the final product aligns with the client’s vision and goals. Regular communication and collaboration foster a strong partnership between the agency and the client, leading to a successful outcome. The agency must acquire a clear understanding of the target audience and accordingly select the approach for the video. A video with a non-traditional approach is more likely to captivate the attention of the target audience. By gaining insight into the expectations of the target audience, the agency can tailor the video content to enhance engagement and maximise the video’s impact.


  1. What are some good Android apps for video editing?

The Filmr app is a handy video editing app for beginners and experts which is simple and speedy. Quik is one of the best free video editing apps for Android to easily create stunning videos. FilmoraGo is another free video editing app with a wide variety of effects and presets. Kinemaster is one of the video editors which is user-friendly and has professional features. 

Why corporate videos

Why corporate videos 150 150 Ishita

Why corporate videos? and what are the key benefits of opting a corporate video?

Have you ever endured a boring presentation that was solely facts and figures about the client’s business? Imagine this experience to be immersive. With the help of corporate films, you can use music, visuals, and storytelling techniques to convey a powerful message. 

In today’s age, we are constantly bombarded with millions of pieces of information. By combining auditory and visual elements, corporate films are able to captivate audiences and evoke emotions to sustain their attention. The audience’s increased involvement in the message leads to better processing and recall of information. Incorporating corporate films into your marketing strategy is thus crucial for effectively communicating your brand’s message.

A corporate film can be employed for various purposes, such as introducing your company, showcasing your products or services, or training employees. Given that it may be published on your website, on social media, and in presentations, it is a versatile tool for communication. With corporate films, you can provide your target audience a sneak peek into the operations and happenings around your office. Employees, clients, and other stakeholders of your business can impart their expertise and experience in the corporate video. Corporate films make it easier to convey your company’s culture and personality in a vibrant manner. This enables your brand to connect on a personal level with your target audience and strengthens the reliability of your message. 

Actions speak louder than words. Unlike PowerPoint presentations or text documents, corporate films actually demonstrate what your company offers. This makes deciding whether or not to avail your services easy for your target audience. Simply quoting complicated statistics may make your job easier, but it only gives your audience a tougher time understanding what you’re trying to say. Corporate films allow you to use animations and infographics to clearly and meaningfully present vast amounts of data. 

A well-produced corporate film raises your company’s credibility as it indicates that you have invested time and effort into crafting a professional and high-quality message. Corporate films promote engagement and better brand recognition for businesses. Higher engagement ensures a greater chance of conversion, and the more your content converts, the more your return on investment will be. 

All in all, corporate films have numerous benefits over traditional methods such as PowerPoint presentations. They provide a dynamic and impactful way to convey information, making them the new way of presentation in the corporate world.

to convey information, making them the new way of presentation in the corporate world.

Know more on Pixelcarving’s capability in corporate film – https://pixelcarving.com/corporate-film-makers

Videos – Marketing Funnel

Videos – Marketing Funnel 150 150 Hinal

How videos are important for marketing funnels is covered in the blog.

Videos have become an increasingly important aspect of modern marketing strategies, and for good reason. Videos are a powerful tool for engaging with your target audience and driving conversions, making them an essential step in the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel refers to the journey a customer takes from becoming aware of your brand to making a purchase. By incorporating videos into your marketing funnel, you can effectively move prospects through each stage of the funnel, increasing their likelihood of conversion.

Corporate videos, brand videos, and testimonial videos are powerful tools for engaging with your target audience and driving conversions. These types of videos can play a critical role in the marketing funnel, helping to educate, inform, and build trust with your prospects.

A marketing funnel refers to the journey a customer takes from awareness of your brand to becoming a customer. By using videos at each stage of the funnel, you can effectively move prospects through the process, increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

Corporate Videos: Corporate videos are a type of video content that showcases your company’s mission, values, products, or services. These videos provide a behind-the-scenes look at your company, helping to humanize your brand and build trust with your target audience. Corporate videos are typically used in the awareness stage of the marketing funnel, where the goal is to educate and inform prospects about your brand.

Brand Videos :Brand videos, on the other hand, are focused on promoting a specific product or service. These videos are typically used in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel, where the goal is to convince prospects to take action and move further down the funnel. Brand videos often include product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and other persuasive elements that help to sell your product or service.

Testimonial Videos: Finally, testimonial videos are a type of video content that features real customers sharing their experiences with your brand. These videos are highly persuasive and can be used at any stage of the marketing funnel, from awareness to decision. Testimonial videos are particularly effective in the decision stage, where the goal is to convert prospects into customers. By highlighting the experiences of real customers, testimonial videos help to build trust and credibility with your target audience.

In conclusion, corporate videos, brand videos, and testimonial videos are all important elements of a marketing funnel. By using these types of videos at the appropriate stages of the funnel, you can effectively educate, inform, and persuade your target audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions and driving your business forward.

Testimonial – Video Production

Testimonial – Video Production 150 150 Hinal

Testimonial Videos overview

One of the most important categories of marketing videos is testimonial videos and a branch of video production mostly used in corporates. It might be overlooked by many young entrepreneurs or new marketing employee. Video testimonials play an extremely important role in building trust among your potential customers. Often, when a potential customer comes for the first time, he/she is convinced by the company’s work and output, but needs a gentle push from a third person’s perspective. By showcasing testimonial videos, marketers and companies can increase the trust of their audience and increase their credibility.

Types of testimonial videos

  • Customer/client testimonial
  • Employee testimonial
  • Management / leader testimonial
  • Storytelling

1. Customer / Client testimonial

It is one of the most famous category in testimonial video. No one wants to take the gamble and invest their money They want to know the company, people and how they work with their clients before they award their project or make the buying decision. A customer testimonial video gives an insight that the company has really worked with them and provided the output as per their expectations. Increasingly, many people have taken advantage of the market by creating fake testimonials, either in blogs, on websites, or through any other platform. Showcasing a testimonial video addresses the issue. The potential client can see the customer in video, talking, presenting his experience.

Here is an example of what Pixelcarving has done as a client testimonial in past.

2. Employee testimonial video

In contrast to earlier times, big corporations and conglomerates now want to know how their employees, culture, and values are maintained internally. The awarding of a new project requires a lot of trust, so it is crucial that there is also a lot of trust within the organization as well. This allows the companies to feel more secure and get a sense of the type of people they will be dealing with. In addition to that, employee videos are often used to attract new talent to their organization. When looking for a new opportunity, a good experienced candidate also checks out the company culture and testimonials of employees. In order to gain a better understanding of how work cultures are managed within an organization, many companies post such videos on their career pages. At times, such videos are also screened in universities during company visits to attract new talent.

3. Management / leader testimonial

Management testimonial videos are often used internally within the organisation. A video like this strengthens the bond within the organization. There are different versions of this category. Most of the time, senior leaders use videos to present upcoming ideas, culture, and information. It gives the employees a personal touch. From a different perspective, the potential customer will also look through such videos. This gives the customer an exclusive insight on what values the company is based on. It helps in bridging information when complex projects are presented in an easier format for everyone to understand.

A recent example of how Pixelcarving created management/leadership testimonial video

4. Storytelling testimonial videos

Storytelling videos are the most effective videos in the market. This not only informs your target audience but conveys the emotional approach as well. Such kind of storytelling videos are visually very appealing to the audience as they show the live experience while giving testimonial. This gives the audience a view as if they are viewing the entire story in real time. Such videos are highly effective when offering new product, new service and how the experience personally changed their life.

Reference of Storytelling testimonial video by Pixelcarving

Know more on Pixelcarving’s testimonial work at – https://pixelcarving.com/testimonials

Corporate video makers in Mumbai

Corporate video makers in Mumbai 150 150 Tarushikha

Leading corporate video makers in Mumbai!

Pixelcarving has been recently awarded as a leading agency in India by clutch.co.

Why Corporate videos?

Videos are emerging to be a critical marketing tool in the corporate environment. It’s been present internationally for quite a while, but due to the boom in India’s economy in recent times, many corporates, MSMEs as well as startups have been resorting to videos in order to reach to their TA. We have explained in detail in terms of how video have been revolutionizing the social media at this blog page.

The art of corporate videos and brand messaging

Corporate video production is like a form of art. With the new change in trend the corporate videos are also getting trimmed and precise to its message. Recent studies have shown that people now spend relatively lesser time to watch video content than before.The attention span ranges from 1:30-2 Minutes. Yes! That’s the duration in which corporates have to deliver their message. Longer videos seems to carry more message but its efficacy falls quite highly. The videos have to be short and crisp making sure the key message is delivered instead of no message getting delivered at all.

We’re aware of this fact and hence we curate/plan accordingly to deliver the core message to the specific TA.
That’s why corporate videos are no longer template based, simple, straight forward videos. Specially if the target is for the new generation of consumers i.e. Millennials and Gen-Z.

Why Pixelcarving for corporate video making?

We bring to you corporate videos that deliver a strong message along with creativity. We do not resort to template based videos with just numbers and graphs. Those are important factors too, but keeping it crisp with a mix of interesting elements is what we believe makes the videos stand out!
Our three step video production process describes exactly how we execute,

Pixelcarving is not only associated as a one time agency but also recurring agency for their social media video content.

Our young & enthusiastic team relish the film making process. We have been in this industry since the last 5 years and have had the great opportunity with top brands in India and Internationally.

Pixelcarving also provide line-production services for agencies internationally.
You can know more on international video production at this page.

Benefits of Videos for corporates

Benefits of Videos for corporates 150 150 Janvi

Benefits of videos for your business.

With everyone online all the time, video became more crucial than ever for marketing and communication. With increasing competition, it’s getting more and more necessary for businesses to attract audience back to their website. If you want your website to stand out, videos are one of the best alternative to interact, engage and educate your clients.

Why should you make videos for your clients?

Well, for starters making a marketing Corporate Video, or just any video-for that matter, isn’t a piece of cake. It requires resources in the form of time and money both. The fact that you are willing to invest on videos creates a sense of trust and validity to your business. The clients will be quick to recognize this and hence have a confidence to approach you for a business transaction without keeping their guards high up.

Videos are also an excellent medium to convey your message in an interesting manner. Many video production companies in Mumbai have built their niche in understanding complex businesses and translating the marketing message to the relevant target audience in laymen’s terms. For eg, a video production company in Mumbai such as PixelCarving, we’ve had some businesses that are heavy on AI technology which is difficult to market and sell. But with the help of videos, corporate film makers can explain difficult concepts easily with the help visuals.

Apart from that, 71% of people watch more videos than they did a year ago. (Hubspot)

And 71% of marketers would increase their reliance on video as a strategy if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget.

In a world of “me too” companies, any video production company understands that they have to create videos which will differentiate your company from all the competition.

An important responsibility for any video production agency is to create videos that not only educates and markets the products/services but also create a platform for engagement with the clients. Being interactive with clients is crucial because it builds trust and gives recurring business.

Many video production companies offers this unique advantage of video content to companies which are preferred over other forms of content because it does not just tell visitors about your company, product, or service – it SHOWS them.

Hence, the audience will be drawn to the message more than just written or static content. Corporate film makers in Mumbai have managed to create videos that has changed the buying behavior of the audience by appealing to their visual senses.

Research shows that 86% of marketers said corporate videos has helped them increase traffic to their website. 84% marketers said that it helped them generate leads. And 83% of marketers said that corporate video has increased dwell time on their website.

Which is why corporate video production companies has been sought after by huge entities to make films to market their business.

Last but not the least, every corporate video production company in Mumbai or anywhere around the globe understands that the main aim of any business is to be remembered. Videos stay in the minds of people for a long time. Because getting someone to visit your website once is a good thing, getting them to come back over and over again is the ultimate goal.

Corporate film making process

Corporate film making process 150 150 Janvi

The first and most crucial step. Planning!

We chose corporate films as our niche as we see a lot of potential. But the current market mostly offers a very traditional template based version of corporate films. We want to cross the line and make something that is unique and most times not accepted. Why? because that gives the brand, the company a sort of insecurity about the reach and potential for video. That’s very obvious as the corporate films would be featured on the website, social media and even in B2B meetings. Rest assured, we know that we are on the right path. Not because we think it’s right but because it is backed by data and user session data from our video analytics on Vimeo or Wistia.

After we initiate the planning of the video we prepare a draft script. We go through the company profile, understand the company’s communication, Its target audience. What does the target audience of the company like, what are their preferences. Yes! We do that!

Scripting / Storyboarding

The Scripting and storyboarding when it comes to corporate film making is quite different from ad films or feature films. Here we give more details on statistics and communication. We want the message to be loud and clear. At the same time, the same has to be balanced with creating visually appealing graphics and visuals. We script the video by going through technicalities of the company, its CSR, the other activities and about the facts on what makes it different from others.

Video Production

This is the magical place where all our ideas and creatives come into play. When it comes to corporate film we do not stage the environment too much. It has to be a clear transparent business. When we make such corporate films for businesses so that the viewers get to know what exactly the company is into, what exactly they have. This is not accepted by many, but we know there is a great difference when it comes to the B-Roll, A-Roll for corporate videos. At the same time corporate videos are highly sophisticated and classy. The visual outcome representing any company, brand or corporate defies what the company can offer and its brand value. Hence, we take this part of production extremely seriously.

Post-production / Editing

For many corporations this is the only requirement they have. Like explainer video, animated video, infographics. But also game changing for full-scale video production corporate video. The visuals here become more appealing, more statistical. Being corporate film makers in Mumbai we edit in a way that matches the industry level at the same time makes the content stand out.

Video editing at Pixelcarving office.

That was good insight!
If you too are interested to level up your corporate video. Caution! it could be something unique, un-traditional.

Pixelcarving’s office

Benefits of Corporate Films

Benefits of Corporate Films 150 150 Tarushikha

Why do Companies and MNC’s need a corporate film makers?

Video are 85% traffic in 2021

There is no second question on that people on the internet love watching videos. Video drastically increases your user interaction time on website and decreases the Bounce-rate.
People watch it as a source of entertainment and in return it educates the user and makes brand awareness.
When compared with simple text or plain image a Video is far more engaging than any other medium!
Being corporate film makers we Aim to make the corporate video Entertaining and informative at the same time. It’s a huge Win-Win!

~67% Businesses use use corporate video as marketing tool internationally.

Even though it a good percentage of market using video as marketing tool. Companies in India still lacks this approach and depend upon the traditional medium for marketing. A statistics shows after 2017, many companies have shifted the marketing funnel from traditional medium to more digital medium.
A large number of foreign companies still rely on video marketing since they’ve understood over a period of time that video marketing is the highest ROI driven marketing strategy.

Corporate videos are great Marketing Funnels!

Corporate videos are proven to be great marketing funnel as it attracts the user to view and interact with the content. It makes the company or a brand look fresh as they can visually see the company workings.
An introductory corporate film exponentially increases the interaction rate and decreases the bounce-rate. It’s all about first impression, marketers know it. Hence a marketing agency always recommend a great video at the introduction of the website.

Flux in website interaction on a website after intro corporate video

Corporate film makers in Mumbai with PAN India coverage
Now its time for your company, brand to upscale the marketing presence and lead from competitors. We will plan out everything for you. From scripting, planning, story-boarding to production and post-production. We are highly experiences corporate film makers with 4 years in Industry. Know more about corporate film making at https://pixelcarving.com/corporate-film-makers/

Statistics that shows how a video can affect you business and marketing.

Contact us.

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