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Testimonial Videos overview

One of the most important categories of marketing videos is testimonial videos and a branch of video production mostly used in corporates. It might be overlooked by many young entrepreneurs or new marketing employee. Video testimonials play an extremely important role in building trust among your potential customers. Often, when a potential customer comes for the first time, he/she is convinced by the company’s work and output, but needs a gentle push from a third person’s perspective. By showcasing testimonial videos, marketers and companies can increase the trust of their audience and increase their credibility.

Types of testimonial videos

  • Customer/client testimonial
  • Employee testimonial
  • Management / leader testimonial
  • Storytelling

1. Customer / Client testimonial

It is one of the most famous category in testimonial video. No one wants to take the gamble and invest their money They want to know the company, people and how they work with their clients before they award their project or make the buying decision. A customer testimonial video gives an insight that the company has really worked with them and provided the output as per their expectations. Increasingly, many people have taken advantage of the market by creating fake testimonials, either in blogs, on websites, or through any other platform. Showcasing a testimonial video addresses the issue. The potential client can see the customer in video, talking, presenting his experience.

Here is an example of what Pixelcarving has done as a client testimonial in past.

2. Employee testimonial video

In contrast to earlier times, big corporations and conglomerates now want to know how their employees, culture, and values are maintained internally. The awarding of a new project requires a lot of trust, so it is crucial that there is also a lot of trust within the organization as well. This allows the companies to feel more secure and get a sense of the type of people they will be dealing with. In addition to that, employee videos are often used to attract new talent to their organization. When looking for a new opportunity, a good experienced candidate also checks out the company culture and testimonials of employees. In order to gain a better understanding of how work cultures are managed within an organization, many companies post such videos on their career pages. At times, such videos are also screened in universities during company visits to attract new talent.

3. Management / leader testimonial

Management testimonial videos are often used internally within the organisation. A video like this strengthens the bond within the organization. There are different versions of this category. Most of the time, senior leaders use videos to present upcoming ideas, culture, and information. It gives the employees a personal touch. From a different perspective, the potential customer will also look through such videos. This gives the customer an exclusive insight on what values the company is based on. It helps in bridging information when complex projects are presented in an easier format for everyone to understand.

A recent example of how Pixelcarving created management/leadership testimonial video

4. Storytelling testimonial videos

Storytelling videos are the most effective videos in the market. This not only informs your target audience but conveys the emotional approach as well. Such kind of storytelling videos are visually very appealing to the audience as they show the live experience while giving testimonial. This gives the audience a view as if they are viewing the entire story in real time. Such videos are highly effective when offering new product, new service and how the experience personally changed their life.

Reference of Storytelling testimonial video by Pixelcarving

Know more on Pixelcarving’s testimonial work at – https://pixelcarving.com/testimonials

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