Pre-Production Process in Video production

Pre-Production Process in Video production 150 150 Ishita

What steps should be taken prior to filming a video? What goes on behind the scenes before a shoot/video production? 

1 – Foundation

A great deal of meticulous planning and research is involved in the stage that comes before filming. This stage called ‘Pre Production’ is the cornerstone of the filmmaking process wherein we solidify all the details of the project before shooting for its content. 

One of the major details to go over with clients is the reason behind creating the video. It could be anything from hoping to attract new employees to giving a glimpse into how the business is run. 

2 – Scripting

After determining the goal of the video, we are challenged with the task of putting it across in the form of words i.e. writing a script. Scripting is a crucial tool to chalk out a framework for dialogue and action of the video. It may also include any specific cues for the production team. Research is an important part of crafting a successful script. Gathering as many inputs from clients as well as compiling data from their website go a long way in delivering a satisfying video output. 

©Pixelcarving | Scripting process of an corporate film

3 – Storyboarding

A video is an audio-visual piece of content. While scripting entails planning the words to be spoken in the video, storyboarding involves developing a shot-by-shot graphic representation of the video. A well-crafted storyboard serves as a visual guide to assist the clients and crew in navigating the potential final look of the video.

The story doesn’t end with a storyboard. The next step is to bring your vision to life by scouting for suitable locations for filming also known as conducting a reccé. This process helps to assess the feasibility of the shoot location and to identify any potential risks that may arise during the filming process. 

©Pixelcarving | Storyboarding process from Pixelcarving’s project.

4 – Finalizing / Reccé + Storyboarding

The final piece of the puzzle – a document containing timestamps, reccé photos, visuals, content and graphics, is put together by integrating all of the previous elements. The production team uses it as a blueprint to ensure that the video is executed flawlessly.

The process of pre production makes you less likely to waste resources like time and money which can derail an entire project. It provides a predetermined schedule for  the crew to follow in order to ensure an efficient shoot. It also helps avoid spending time filming unnecessary shots. 

While planning everything to the tee before a shoot might seem like a pointless and tiresome chore,  it is actually a key tool to breeze through hectic shoot days.  

©Pixelcarving | Shot planning from a project.

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