Evolving Role of AI in Video Production

Evolving Role of AI in Video Production

Evolving Role of AI in Video Production 150 150 Ishita

With the emergence of tools like ChatGPT, Bard etc. 2023 is AI’s world and we are just living in it. 

As we navigate through this AI-driven era, every industry has witnessed the transformative power of AI and the video industry is no exception. AI seamlessly integrates at every stage of the video production process resulting in an increased efficiency and in turn allowing the production team to focus more on creativity and storytelling. Gone are the days of exorbitant costs and a time-consuming production process. It is now possible to achieve professional-level results effortlessly with the help of AI-powered video editing softwares.


Transcribing is a tedious process demanding painstaking hours of work that could easily surpass the length of the original material. Here is when speech to text AI comes into play. It enables individuals and businesses not only to save an abundance of time otherwise spent manually transcribing, but also to reduce the room for errors.
Adobe’s Premiere pro, Davinci resolve have all adopted AI transcription (currently limited to English)

Premiere pro’s transcript edit.

Remix tool

With the Remix tool, it is now possible to retime music clips and adapt them to fit the duration of any video content, regardless of whether it’s shorter or longer. This transformative feature allows the audio and visuals to be seamlessly synchronized, resulting in a polished final product. 
Earlier the editor had to find the right beat to cut and join for seamless experience or shared by sound engineer to keep on changing the beat as per the edit timeline.
The Remix tool has significantly revolutionized the lengthy post-production phase of sound engineering, leading to substantial time savings. Moreover, its influence extends beyond sound engineering, effectively streamlining the overall video production process.
The AI comprehends optimal beat transitions and seamlessly extends them as needed. You can enhance your experience by fine-tuning the placement and style of beats through the customization options available in the settings section.


Content Aware fill

The Content Aware Fill tool in Photoshop has made the once-time consuming task of object removal seem like a breeze. It allows us to erase unwanted objects from a frame and replace them with pixels that blend in perfectly with the surrounding context. The result is a natural-looking composition that appears as if the undesirable elements were never there in the first place.  The software learns the pattern around and duplicates the pixel. The process is yet not that seamless. Professionals use eye-dropper tool and clone stamp tool to make it perfect and seamless.

How does the content aware has its affect on videos?
Well.. for stable shots many use the content aware to make “plate” a plate is basically the image behind the subject. For instance at times there can be tripod, lights or any unwanted object in the frame. Now, it can be easily removed with the help of content aware!

We used content aware to remove the flag/light stand for the interview. Since we couldn’t place the stand anywhere else.
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Generative AI

The Generative Fill tool harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to intelligently analyze the existing content in the frame and seamlessly generate new elements that perfectly blend into the scene.
What sets generative AI from content aware is generative AI lierally generates new pixel from its data base or machine learning. Whereas content aware just scans its pixel around the area it has been selected for.
So you can extend the picture even without repeating the pixel. The Generative AI is so intelligent that it scans the image and creates new pixel depending upon the image. Not only, that generative AI also has the option to create something new by just typing what you want. It’s like the future! The use case scenario for video is the same. As generative AI can be revolutionizing for background elements. You can add, remove, generate. the possibilites are endless.

Pixelcarving integrated generative AI into the video production process from its beta inception. Our team of editors and motion graphic artists possess both a profound understanding and specialization in harnessing these innovative generative AI technologies.

The realm of generative AI unfolds a panorama of boundless possibilities within the realm of creative video production. In today’s landscape, the currency of value lies in creativity rather than the meticulous toil of crafting each pixel by hand. This shift is as significant as the transformative impact of computers on various professions, heralding both job transformations and progress for the advancement of humanity.

We used generative AI to remove the unwanted table that was distracting while watching the duo video podcast.

Rotto brush

In the past, isolating objects or subjects in a video frame required painstakingly drawing a mask around them frame by frame. However, with the advent of the Roto Brush tool, one can automatically track the subject’s motion and ensure that the mask stays precisely aligned with the masked object throughout the video. This tool has largely improved the efficiency and accuracy of the isolation process, saving editors’ valuable time and effort.


Pixelcarving’s Take:

We believe that AI has really changed how creativity works. But we humans need to keep up with this new technology. These inventions move us forward. Humans are still unique with their skills and ideas. Computers and machines can only do tedious tasks. How we use them is up to us. Computers took away some jobs, but they also made new chances for better work and lives. This is what’s happening with AI in every area. We’re excited to use AI tools in our everyday video production.

  • I’?s really a nice and useful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow! what a great message by author at the end of the blog. I was initially saddened by the fact how AI is going to take away our jobs specially in video production. But your points were spot on! that how creativity and content creation will still be in hands of human brain!!

  • Impressive mate! I feel lucky to be born in this generation and use AI tools for my personal video editing. Its so hard to imagine how earlier editors used to roto each frame! That’s insane. The photoshop’s GEN AI and Adobe’s in general AI eco-system has made it much easier to focus on creative content and less on technical difficulties. Cheers!!

  • Wow! What an impressive elaboration of the AI techniques.
    I am very excited to see these trend and be in this generation. Kuddos!

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