Types of Marketing Video

Types of Marketing Video 150 150 Tarushikha

Which video marketing approach or video production service will be required for my Company / Brand?

This is the most often question we are asked whenever a client approaches us. Most of the clients do not even reach out to production houses since they themselves are confused in propagating for the video approach they need. There is absolutely no second question or doubt that this is the most critical step. The marketing approach you use heavily depends upon your target audience. It depends upon their age factor, their interests, their social group, their liking and disliking.

Seems tedious? Isn’t it?

A new corporate or company planning for a video production or marketing video will definitely be having unclear path for their marketing video and that’s very obvious unlike the big companies and corporates that have been into marketing for a while have a clear understanding on their target audiences as well as their video marketing approach. To cater to this problem most modern production houses have a specialised team in market research in pre-production department. Like in Pixelcarving we have specialised team that asks for the insight of your company’s target market, the existing customers and your marketing channel. Bases upon that we prepare a SWOT and present different types of marketing approach to your company or brand. The decision maker will be you, but we will be providing with all sort of informations like pro’s and con’s for any approach. Now, we provide this service for free like other agencies this cost is under our pre-production. So we not only plan for the video we provide a proper research statistics as well.
Have a look to a sample we provided a conglomerate few weeks ago.

Why we do this?

This gives a clear way to they buyer what he is opting into. We like keeping the transparency on what we will offer how we will offer. Most of the time we make the client understand how traditional approach for video marketing is getting obsolete. How? We have a research on that too! We frequently do A/B testing upon which video is more engaging and have higher user retention through out the video. We recently posted a video explaining the stats. We collected the data from clients and through our analytics on how video appeals to their TA.

Types of video.

Depending upon the TA there are many types of video approaches. Some of the top are

Corporate videos
Explaining the company background with the services they provide, the current clients and testimonials. Corporate videos are highly efficient when it comes to cold-customers. The customers who knows your presence but does not trust or have high authority on you. The corporate film gives the cold-customer the trust and assurance. This changes the buying behaviour.
Animated videos

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