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Video as a Marketing tool?

It’s no secrete sauce that video is a great marketing tool for a marketer. How?
General public and amateur marketer will always focus on CPC, CPM. Basically lead generation. Internet is now used heavily for online marketing as lead generation. There is no doubt that such lead generation helps companies gain some leads. But the bigger picture is often missed by many companies, startups, new brand managers is to induce a trust amongst the target audience.
Social media/ online platform is like a party gathering place, it is a great place where many people come and have a common space. As marketer, you can go straight and talk about the product, specifications and all. But let’s be real, will there be more conversion? People will see you as an aggressive seller, they will not see you as a problem to solution. They want their problem to solved and not just spend their money in buying some product or service. Yes since you’re doing it blindly many times there will be some conversions.

Now let’s change the way how we approach to the audience. Instead of saying what you do, how do straight. You address the problem, show the possible solutions and then introduce yourself and give relevance on how you can help them. This is what a video marketing is all about. A normal user on internet go through a lot of content and its all clutter, for them picking service A or B doesn’t make Apple to Oranges. Its Apple to Apple! For you to stand out, videos are used. The sole reason for videos are they create an immense amount of trust for any first time user. You are not showing some good texts or speeches about your product. You are showing right in front of them! The user can experience it remotely. The big companies and conglomerate are already aware with this fact, thats why we often see their creative marketing videos time on time.

Videos induce Branding.

Videos do talk about your product thats advertising. But it also creates a sense of branding in people. It conveys the message to its general audience. For people it’s not a product they are seeing, it’s a brand, an emotion they are bonding with the product.

Video Marketing Statistics

As said earlier, videos are not something that is like CPC, CPM. People will not take immediate decisions from a video. It’s a sense of awareness that has created into them. The next time they want to fulfil their needs, it will be your company/brand name that will come into their mind. That’s successful campaign and branding.
People fail to understand the ROI from videos, which are long term and has a much better shelf life. They are more focused on immediate results. This just keeps on selling their product/service but does not does not create a brand/company image in them. The next time they want their needs? It will be the next advertiser they will select and not your company.

Which Marketing Video should I be using?

It’s often a confusion for a new marker or a new Company / Brand when entering the video marketing field. The topic is vast and needs to explained properly and hence we have a new blog to explain


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