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Video Marketing Strategy 150 150 Tarushikha

Video Marketing Strategy

Video as a Marketing tool? It’s no secrete sauce that video is a great marketing tool for a marketer. How?General public and amateur marketer will always focus on CPC, CPM. Basically lead generation. Internet is now used heavily for online marketing as lead generation. There is no doubt that such lead generation helps companies gain…

Benefits of Corporate Films 150 150 Tarushikha

Benefits of Corporate Films

Why do Companies and MNC’s need a corporate film makers? Video are 85% traffic in 2021 There is no second question on that people on the internet love watching videos. Video drastically increases your user interaction time on website and decreases the Bounce-rate.People watch it as a source of entertainment and in return it educates…

Video Production Process 150 150 Tarushikha

Video Production Process

The Three Step video production process Video production process can essentially be divided into three main categories. Each Category plays an extremely important role in the production process. The three steps are as follows: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. 01. Pre-Production Pre production process is the most important step in any video production company. It is…

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