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What does a Video production company do?
video production business is one of the branch of Marketing. Since videos are highly consumed content on the internet it’s been in more demand ever since. Any production company essentially simplifies the three step production process that is pre-production, production and post production or in easy term it is video planning, video shooting, video editing and delivering. Videos are so much in high demand that many reports claimed by 2021 approximately 85-91% content consumption will be through videos!

Why Do you need video production service?

A great marketing video, corporate video is highly engaging and encourages any new visitor to have an overlook. A great video of any organisation increases the trust to its audience and also makes it look fresh and vibrant. Having videos on your website, social media pages gives the opportunity to your audience to learn more about your organisation in an interesting fashion. And yes, this is absolutely correct. A video on your website increases your SEO ranking massively. Our video production company in Mumbai provides video production services all over India to upscale your marketing presence.

*Types of Videos

Types of videos we provide?

We provide full-scale video production services for all sort of videos for Brands, Corporates and organisations. This means we provide TVC AdFilms, Corporate videos for B2C purposes or internal corporate/infographics video for B2B reasons. The increase in Social media presence has lead to surge in branding videos from micro, small to enterprise organisations. Depending upon the services/products provided by an organisation we plan the approach they could give for their videos to their Target Audiences. The best part about our agency is, depending upon the costing we can prepare a team, plan it and execute it.

The video production Process

Simply put, it’s a three stage process.

  • Pre production – Planning, Scripting, Storyboarding.
    Starting with the brief from discussing with the client, then accordingly we prepare a storyboard and script depending upon the Target Audience, Medium, Purpose
  • Production stage – The stage of Lights. Camera and Action!
    Here we commence the production with the professional team of film makers.
  • Post-production – The final packaging stage.
    Here we tailor the video by editing, adding voice overs, music, sound and any animations or vfx. This is the final stage where the magic of editing happens.
  • Know more about Video production process here Video production process

Why Pixelcarving?

We started as providing video production services as freelancers in early days back in 2015. Creating videos is not our job, it is our passion. This passion drives us to deliver our client their highest satisfaction. Since 2017, we have been providing full-scale video production services in Mumbai for various corporate organisation as well as brands. In terms of costing we provide the services as per the client budget. Depending upon that we curate a team and its production process. We use cinema cameras, great production setup and have industry leading softwares with experienced team, Yes, that’s a win win!
Some of our recent extremely satisfied clients are Godrej appliances, Mumbai. Indigo Airlines, Gurugram. Imaginarium, Mumbai. Cello pens, Mumbai. And many more! see our recent work at
If you are also looking to upscale your marketing presence or your brand presence feel free to contact us and discuss! You can reach us on email at [email protected] Our registered office address is unit no.213, Anjani Complex, Andheri Kurla road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400099

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