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The Three Step video production process

Video production process can essentially be divided into three main categories. Each Category plays an extremely important role in the production process. The three steps are as follows: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

01. Pre-Production

Pre production process is the most important step in any video production company. It is the starting point of the idea. Here we do brainstorming and plan creative ideas.
You must be thinking how do we begin?
It is as simple as asking out the client or customer. We ask them what their target Audience is, to whom they want to cater? Instead of focusing on our client we focus more on the client’s audience. This gives us the starting point to create the creative brief.
A creative brief is essentially a very short information about the video. Basically it is the ‘Theme of video’ or ‘The flow of video’.
This needs our client’s attention as this is the first step and the leading step towards the storyboarding. After we subdivide the creative brief, we take it forward to Storyboarding. Here some talented content writers and storyboard writers come into place who extend the creative brief in a concise manner but making the message clear and vivid. Summing up the pre-production stage it is
Content writing
Creative brief


02. The Production Stage

Oh Yes, the Lights! Camera! And Action! takes place here. This is the heart of film making and video production. At Pixelcarving we use this process in a quite different approach. More modern, less traditional. We use Cinema Cameras, studio lights and a set of crew to see to it. But not in a costly manner. Even with such a setup we create stunning visuals without that high budget! The new technology has given everyone a tremendous opportunity and platform with cinema level technology at lower cost. This is the place where many people come into play. There are various divisions in the production stage. So many that it will take another blog to explain its expansion. But Basically there are some key groups involved in the video production stage they are DOP/DP/Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Focus Puller, Steady cam, Makeup artist, Sound engineers, Production design, Director, Lighting and many more! It’s a highly organised setup.
The video production stage has to be monitored consistently as per the script and storyboard.The video production stage has to be monitored consistently as per the script and storyboard.


03. Post-production

The Final stage of video production stage. Also a magical stage. This is a final stage where everything comes into one place and we create a masterpiece from it. Video editing is the post-production stage. People believe this to be most shortest and easiest phase but in reality its quite an opposite. Video editing is also divided into many stages such as offline editing, online editing. But we will not get into that. But some crucial stage in video editing are
Online Video Editing
Here the editor gets all the rushes and files from the production. From here the videos are trimmed, cut, organised and formed into a timeline.
Side by side the DI or colorist color correct the RAW footage. That includes Shadow, Highlights, Mid-tones and adjustment of contrast, White balance and many more. Yes DI is Huge area and takes a lot of experience.
Audio/Voice overs/Music composer
Some corporate video or commercial AdFilms require Voice overs and definitely Music and Sound effect. Here the online editor, edits, adds the music and sound effect on the timeline. We have many professional voice over artists all across the globe. Depending upon the clients target audience we provide Indian, Amercian, British Voice over artists from studios.
You might have seen the graphics or supers coming over the video. That is extremely interactive and eye catchy and used mostly in modern corporate videos and explainer videos. The Graphic overlays are like direction board. It gives the right information over the video informing the viewer what exactly he is watching. Modern video used 3D renders or 2D infographics to showcase their product/information/Diagrams etc.

After compiling all the inputs the final edit is created and ready to get showcased on TV, Social media or website.

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